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I decorate my kitchen for Christmas

I decorate my kitchen for Christmas

Why limit Christmas decoration to the traditional tree? The Christmas spirit sparkles throughout your home, even in the kitchen! To accompany the good smell of Christmas shortbread or gingerbread coming out of the oven, the windows are adorned with pretty white Posca designs, the kitchen cupboards are decorated with Christmas tinsel and even your refrigerator is dressed up as a snowman. snow… Discover 20 ways to fill your kitchen with magic and tenderness as the holidays approach.

Red for a warm and festive atmosphere in the kitchen

Ream Design - Julia Petit It's tradition: red is the favorite color of Christmas! Also, do not hesitate to use and abuse it. Red and white ribbons around a vase or a bell decorated with holly, a large red candlestick or a simple tablecloth will be perfect to tune your cozy nest with the sweet notes of Santa Claus.

A suspension made of branches

Archi Homez - Welke This year, tree branches are venturing into our habitat. Simple decoration to hang, to collect in a vase, to transform into a coat hook or a light fixture, they will guarantee you a natural, original and very trendy Christmas atmosphere and decoration.

Decorate the openings

Unfinished Kitchen Door by yvestow The kitchen windows are nice places to decorate for the holidays since they can be admired both from inside and outside. Needless to plan a big budget, it is easy to obtain a magical result with Posca type felts, paint for windows or stencils.

Objects to be placed on the windowsill

Fazer Decoracao - Bright bold beautiful If your window has a large sill, do not hesitate to place here and there some objects: a real Christmas tree or a homemade, figurines of angels, a pretty candle holder, greenery… so many traditional accessories that will easily plant your magical decor.

Hanging garlands

Anna G's house - Mary Delights It is not only on the firs that the garlands can cause a sensation at the end of the year. A series of light garlands hanging around the window frame or falling vertically on the windows, stars hanging on a beautiful branch in a vase, and voila!

Unleash your creativity

Madame Cupcake - Julias Vita Drommar In the same way, think also of garlands in the form of deer or Christmas trees for an atmosphere placed under the sign of tradition or sublime little hearts for a more poetic style in the kitchen. One watchword, let your imagination run wild without obstructing the opening of the windows!

The traditional Christmas star

Villa honkasalo - AiryNuf A classic but sure value! Why change good habits? Christmas is a fir tree, beautiful decorations, a little gold here and there and, in the kitchen, a beautiful star. Diverted into a handmade garland for a chic and classic style or suspended in front of tea towels for a more traditional atmosphere, it is the charming asset of this space.

Sparkling stars

Ikea For this contemporary window decoration, the stars enhance this Christmas decor with a Nordic twist. White, red and golden, they go perfectly with candles and branches decorated with pretty graphic and colorful balls. An easy decoration that will not go unnoticed.

Glass and greenery

The Jones family five - Tilda Mania Simple to make and inexpensive, this decoration has a little effect! Light, soft and warm, it perfectly illustrates the winter atmosphere. If you prefer to add a colorful note to your space, opt for tinted vases, red, green or white for a traditional atmosphere, flashy for a contemporary Christmas decoration.

A christmas wreath

Anglerz - Archi Homez The Advent wreath does not necessarily attach to your door, it can also dress a window, or take the form of a temporary chandelier with ease. Between tradition and modernity, we love this decoration which puts everything on sobriety, which can be installed and uninstalled in no time. A good solution for the impatient or for those who have little time to prepare for the holidays!

Multiply decorative objects

Between Naps On The Porch To put your kitchen in the colors of Christmas also remember to multiply the objects of tradition as here with these pretty hanging Advent wreaths.

A decor full of gluttony

My kono sticker- De kris design Cookies and other treats are popular in Christmas decorations this year. The proof, there are countless barley sugars, cakes and other gingerbread that come in Christmas decoration and various suspensions. Garlands made of biscuit or alignment of hanging barley sugars, it's up to you!

A very decorative candy bar

Archzine - Home and heavens To be original and because many of you are gourmets, you can also opt for an edible Christmas decoration by putting your little culinary treasures in candy boxes or decorative vases. Add to that a few Christmas balls and a few rosettes and you're ready to start the festivities.

Decorative cookie cutters

My desired home - Good life of design You want to decorate your kitchen at a lower cost. The key to inexpensive Christmas decoration is creativity! Instead of going to ready-made objects, have fun creating your own using cookie cutters. An Advent wreath or a hanging garland? Just run your imagination!

Christmas balls take over the kitchen

Starfish cottage - Thrifty decor chick Christmas balls are a must-have decorative item for the holiday season. Forget the balls hanging on the tree; and if this year you change your habits? Installed under a bell or hung on branches, they will inevitably cause a sensation!

A custom fridge

Snimka - Home stories A to Z Temporary stickers in the shape of a snowman or a fridge wrapped in ribbon, here are two original ways to decorate your appliances for the Christmas holidays.

A mini fir tree and branches of holly for a Nordic decoration

Floraomsk - Johanna vintage No need to bet on a total look! Go to the basics and compose a Nordic, natural and refined decoration by installing a mini fir tree in a transparent vase. And to add a touch of color to your decor, don't forget the traditional and warm branches of holly.

100% natural candles

A thousand ideas - From my front porch to yours Useless, sometimes, to go looking for noon at 2 pm… Inspiration is often found on your door, in your garden more precisely! Use what nature has to offer to make pretty candle holders: old pots, a few candles and a little green will do the trick if you want to give a refreshing but warm touch to your holiday decor.

Pine cones in my decor

I am wild at heart - Illuzio You will have understood, there is no need to ruin yourself to make a Christmas decor as chic as it is magical. Thanks to pretty pine cones found in the forest, you can decorate your kitchen accessories or install a mini tree decorated with pine cones to enhance the magic of Christmas.