Chez Clément: a nice attic mezzanine studio

Chez Clément: a nice attic mezzanine studio

Setting up a studio is not always easy, but setting up a studio under the roof is quite a challenge. Clément has chosen to make this constraint the main charming asset of this atypical apartment where raw materials and minimalist decoration mix in a natural and authentic spirit.

In the living room, the charm of the authentic

Mahault de St Hilaire To preserve the authentic character of the stone wall and the wooden beams, the minimalist living room has been decorated in natural tones with this shade of beige and gray. Clement chose to add green plants for the colorful touch.

An office area in the living room

Mahault de St Hilaire The different spaces are organized around the beautiful beams that Clément wanted to show. The roof structure makes it possible to delimit spaces without partitions like here where the office seems to have naturally found its place.

A natural spirit room

Mahault de St Hilaire The zen and nature atmosphere of the sleeping area on the mezzanine invites you to relax and unwind. By choosing to install a velux above the bed, Clément creates a skylight during the day and a real window on the stars at night.

Storage under the roof

Mahault de St Hilaire In the mezzanine, the slope of the roof and its frame were used. A storage space was created in the attic with three times nothing: a few cubes and wire curtains directly attached to the beam.

Highlight exposed beams

Mahault de St Hilaire The charm of this apartment is the exposed beams and that, Clement has understood. So to highlight them and bring light, he preferred a minimalist decoration and the walls as the ceiling of the studio were left white.

Period windows

Mahault de St Hilaire Painted in white, these period "dog-sitting" windows blend with the modern decoration of the apartment while keeping their rustic and authentic aspect.

An open and tidy kitchen

Mahault de St Hilaire The kitchen cultivates the natural spirit of the apartment with its wooden worktop and its many green plants. The beam left visible becomes a decorative element in its own right. As the kitchen is open, every detail has been taken care of: all the essentials for the dishes are hidden behind a wooden board and the groceries stored in boxes to match the decoration of the apartment.

Decorate with green plants

Mahault de St Hilaire In this apartment, nature is really everywhere, from the ground ... to the ceiling with these two hanging terrariums.

A modern bathroom

Mahault de St Hilaire Here, unlike the rest of the apartment, no exposed beams or stone. The bathroom was above all intended to be functional and with all the comforts of modern equipment.