The bistro inspires cuisine

The bistro inspires cuisine

Bistro cuisine on the plates is trendy. So why not find bistro cuisine also in the decor! Discover 20 kitchens that are inspired by this atmosphere!

A retro dresser

Maisons du monde To create a bistro feel in your kitchen, you can bet on a retro atmosphere a bit flea market with a large dresser that will accommodate your dishes and baskets that will hold your linens.

Beige and red color

Maisons du monde To bring a bistro atmosphere to your room, you can bet on a color code reminiscent of the retro countryside atmosphere of bistros. You will bet for example on red and beige for a very aesthetic traditional style.

A service

Maisons du monde To make your kitchen ultra practical, you can use a trolley on wheels that will meet all your needs. You can play the decorative aspect by having a few bottles of wine, knives and an apron!

Tableware on display

Maisons du monde For a bistro style, we put on a large wooden dresser which will accommodate the dishes in the kitchen in order to serve both storage and very decorative touch. For the rest of the kitchen rely on authentic with a stone sink and a tiled worktop.

The counter spirit

Alinéa If you still want a fairly contemporary cuisine, you can get inspired by the bistro style by opting for a friendly counter with high stools that you will prefer in metal. In terms of colors, stay in black and wood for a chic and timeless look.

Contemporary bistro

Ikea Always for a chic bistro spirit, we put all on black with dark walls that we will paint using a slate paint to write recipes and menus. Then add a light and very functional wooden kitchen and don't forget to display some utensils on shelves.

Open shelves

Ikea The bistro spirit can also go through a few details of your kitchen: choose a dark wood, opt for shell handles and store your dishes and accessories in open shelves. Atmosphere guaranteed.

Professional atmosphere

Ikea In bistro cuisine, cooks have to concoct traditional, tasty cuisine in a short time: they need real professional cuisine for that. Aluminum cupboards, cooking piano and raised furniture for easy cleaning.

Friendly spirit

Ikea For bistro cuisine, do not hesitate to create an open space where you can eat on the go. In terms of decoration, enjoy a wall with exposed bricks and treat yourself to furniture with chrome fronts.

The total look

Leroy Merlin The bistro and the retro mix in this kitchen. The brown lockers and the ladder in the corner are the indestructible decorative elements to create this bistro atmosphere. The plus: large white cupboard doors that bring a little light into a decor quickly darkened by the stainless steel beams and the loaded walls.

Professional stoves

Leroy Merlin It's simple, this kitchen is reminiscent of a restaurant kitchen where a brigade of little clerks scramble to cook. The massive impression of stainless steel goes very well with mahogany-colored wood. The charm of this kitchen resides in the cupboards which reveal the beautiful tableware.

A bistro in Paris

Leroy Merlin Only the server is missing to be in a real Parisian bistro. The stone brick effect wallpaper already sets the tone, coordinated by the gray of the kitchen furniture. The chalk board is used to record the recipes and the red and white tiles remind us of the old butcher shops in the capital.

Ace of tiles

Castorama Castorama plays the bistro card thoroughly with its tiles which play with the different shades of red. The brand was right because this style of old brewery seduces. By complementing it with a stainless steel table, welcome to a chic bistro atmosphere!

Girly bistro atmosphere

Castorama Here is a kitchen that gives fishing. With its colored chairs with mismatched shapes, one has the impression of returning to the canteen, but an improved canteen. The table with blue feet still brings originality as do the white lights that fall from the ceiling.

A retro black and white bistro

PURPOSE Here, black and white are combined for an elegant bistro atmosphere. The furniture is impressive. The black lacquered fridge gives class, ditto for the falling chandelier and the kitchen piano. The mismatched chairs work once again wonderfully.

More friendly atmosphere

Castorama We think of cooking and eating together thanks to the large work surface. The industrial style stools go very well with the light wood of the cupboards and the stainless steel of the kitchen utensils. The main advantage: lights composed of wire mesh and large bulbs that create a bistro atmosphere.

More sober cuisine

Leroy Merlin The overall impression of the kitchen is nuanced because the colors are duller and less harmonious. But the wine bottle racks recall the bistro style as does the large sink and the purplish walls that reveal the beautiful hood.

A bistro in the mountains

Scandinavian cocktail Nothing to do with the classic village breweries, here you land in a ski resort brasserie. Everything is a reminder because everything is made of wood: the walls, the bar, the chairs and the tables. The light sanded wood brings warmth to the room. We just have to order a raclette.

A refined bistro

Cuisinella Here, it would rather be a bistro in New York with a refined decoration in exhilarating colors. The work plan allows you to recreate a bar area and the black table becomes the place where you dine. Again, the light brings the retro design touch.