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Walls and floors: 10 ideas of coatings that change the bathroom

Walls and floors: 10 ideas of coatings that change the bathroom

To give style to the bathroom, we put aside the traditional white tiles and opt for bolder coverings both on the floors and on the walls. We have selected 10 coating ideas that could change your bathroom!

Cement tiles on the floor

Maisons du Monde To give an air of yesteryear to your bathroom, you can bet on the decorative patterns of cement tiles. Since the floor will be very present, play the simplicity on the walls to enhance your tiles.

Checkerboard floor

Ikea For a chic and graphic spirit at the same time, the checkerboard floor is your ally! It settles in a bathroom dressed in black and white to offer a total chic look. However, prefer to install this type of floor in a large bathroom so as not to suffocate the room.

A concrete effect

Ikea To bring a mineral touch to your bathroom, why not apply concrete to one of the walls of the room? We can use this effect on the wall that houses the vanity unit to enhance it.

Small tiles

Ikea If we follow the trend of the moment, the tiles offer XXL tiles but why not rather bet on small tiles in a duo of colors that will enliven the floor in a retro style?

Metallic effect

Lapeyre Also be aware that the tiles have many surprises in store for you! You will find in particular imitations which give you a metallic effect for a bathroom full of character.

Revisited mosaic

Alinéa The mosaic no longer only refers to hammams of oriental style! You will also find mosaic in trendy gray and in a shiny finish that will make your bathroom a real gem.

Pebbles on the ground

Alinéa If you want your bathroom to evoke the holidays and even better the seaside, we turn to pebbles! There are indeed tiles to lay that take up the surface of the pebbles to transport you to the beaches in the blink of an eye.

An original wall tile

Alinéa On the wall side, you can also play the originality card! You will find, for example, tiles that remind of those of the Paris metro in order to add an urban touch to your bathroom.

Animal tiling

Lapeyre Finally, if you don't want too original tiling but want to brighten up your bathroom, think of the friezes! In this bathroom, the imitation zebra frieze infuses an ethnic style into the room.