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The top of the pink Téva Déco Box moods

The top of the pink Téva Déco Box moods

Pink isn't just for little girls' rooms! Supporting proof with this decorative selection from Téva Déco boxes that highlight this shade in all rooms of the house. Graduated pink, nude, fuchsia or even fluorescent make life look pink in your decor….

The sweetness of a nude pink in a boudoir lounge

Teva Déco / D'home Productions At the border between beige and pink, flesh-colored pink is very much in vogue this season. Its soft tone is combined with the harshness of black for an agreement without false note, especially if you also opt for fur in the accessories.

A variation of several roses in a bohemian bedroom

Teva Déco / D'home Productions The bohemian style allows all roses! Whether it is fuchsia pink on the curtains, Indian pink on the carpets or old pink on the linens, you have carte blanche!

A rock and roll touch in the kitchen with neon pink

Teva Déco / D'home Productions Highlight a square room with a neon pink border that goes all around the room. Like a line of stabilo, it makes the link between the enameled wallpaper and the blackboard paint. Then, shopping nets, vases, letters, lamps echo this dynamic and sparkling shade.

A touch of flashy rose in a Scandinavian office

Teva Déco / D'home Productions As a bright spot, wake up the softness of blond wood and pastel tones by opting for a flashy pink element. A cushion or a plaid, as above, is enough to irradiate the room.

A salmon pink in an entry into the wind

Teva Déco / D'home Productions We thought it had been forgotten, yet salmon pink is resurfacing in the world of decoration. Just not touched, he takes possession of a carpet, like here, or a cushion or a plaid.

A faded rose in the bathroom

Teva Déco / D'home Productions This time, pink takes on an outmoded shade for another variation of this color in the bathroom. Heckled by powdery tones, it offers a more oriental version without falling into clichés.

A gourmet rose in a little girl's room

Teva Déco / D'home Productions A baby pink is applied to the walls in this little girl's room. This soft and tender shade goes well with very different color ranges and offers a beautiful setting for other tones.

Pink becomes eggplant

Teva Déco / D'home Productions In a dreamlike version, pink gives way to eggplant. Its mysterious shade invites reverie and spirituality. Bold, he adds temperament to the room that welcomes him.